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Quick and easy life Assessment To Identify Your Strength and Challenge Areas
Developed over 1,000 years ago, The Wheel Of Life is a valuable tool that helps you assess each area of your life to identify where you may be off balance.  It's a simple and powerful way to visualize your current life state which is extremely helpful as you move forward in making crucial life decisions.  You will answer 3 questions about each area and will receive INSTANT RESULTS.  
The truth is, while we are being amazing leaders, moms, sisters, daughters, partners, and more, we are secretly battling internal struggles... 

Low self-worth, high self-doubt, unaddressed pain from past experiences, and uncertainty about our ability to continue to be superwoman.

When it comes down to it, there are 3 main desires we seek:
#1: To be loved and accepted

We usually think of our romantic relationships when we think about love and acceptance and while that's part of it, we want to be loved and accepted in every area of our lives.  If we look deep into our greatest fears and desires, they all come back to a desire to be loved and accepted.
#2: To be good enough

We want to be good enough at whatever we choose to embark upon.  We want to be good enough at our job, good enough as a mother, good enough as a partner, daughter, and more.  Our desire to be good enough really connects back to our desire to be loved and accepted.
#3: To have work-life balance

To have the best of our family and and career life - sacrificing neither.  We want to be able to pursue our goals and dreams of career success without having to give up our desire to be loved and to be able to be the mother and partner our family will be happy with.
... and that's why I created an easy to use, step-by-step system to that gives you the answers for how to capture the life you're seeking.

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Meet Your Coach
Elizabeth Joy MBA, MSW, LCDCIII
Let me start by saying how genuinely excited I am that our paths have crossed.  Why?  Because this work means the world to me.  I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to support you as you pursue the life you deserve.  While I have lots of credentials behind my name (and the student loan debt that comes with it lol) that's not what inspires my work.  

As someone who contemplated suicide often for many years of my life, I know what its like to secretly struggle... looking like you have it all on the outside but dying a slow, painful death on the inside.  I was good at faking it... No, I was the best.  But on August 21, 2008, faking it was long longer good enough for me anymore.  I couldn't bare another day of fake happiness and true misery.  So I decided that day that I was going to take the steps to make a change.  Many years later and with lots of work and effort, I can honestly say that I love my whole entire life.  I want you to experience the same. 
What People Are Saying:
"...More Valuable Than I Can Express In Words."
"What I love about working with Elizabeth is her overall awareness and willingness to simply support me for who, and how I am. That’s more valuable than I can express in words… to have someone who customizes their coaching to who you are and where you’re trying to go! Every person is different, and to have a coach that custom fits your “success suit,” is everything. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, absolutely anyone, who is vulnerable, struggling, or just looking to awaken their inner spirit, no matter how suppressed it may be!"
Bridgett, 32 - Columbus, OH
"...I Was Truly Rescued By Elizabeth..."
"I was truly rescued by Elizabeth. I had suffered for many years in many ways but just had let it become my normal and supported my ways with excuses, isolation, and no will to do the work to make changes. I was a prisoner of my own mind and the day I finally allowed Ms Elizabeth to come into my place of insanity my JOURNEY began. I kicked, I pouted, I cried but never did she give up on me before the lessons were learned and executed. Elizabeth's light shines in my heart everyday and by the works of her program and her passion for what she does I can proudly say that I am present and enjoying life!" 
Dawn, 43 - Columbus, OH
"...Her Support In My Healing Process Has Been And Is... Life."
"I'd never had life coaching before, so I did not know what to expect. I was kind of apprehensive and unsure what to talk about. Elizabeth was able to see exactly where I was at and assess what my needs were. In the first session I remember a lot of laughter, it was the relief I needed. I was able to relax and talk about some of my anxieties in a productive way. She gave me some tools that were very helpful for my day to day struggles.  She helped me look at some of the things I have faced in my life and make the connection between those things and some of my present struggles. My sessions with her have been easy yet challenging.  I'm very grateful for what I have gained from Elizabeth. Her support in my healing process has been and is ... life."
Ursula, 37 - Columbus, OH
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