Finally...  Answers For How To Obtain The Life You Seek
This Isn't A Book... It Is A Step-By-Step Actionable Guide To Creating The Life You Want For Yourself
You Survived... Now What? 
 A Road Map To Reclaiming Life
Thoughtfully designed and written, this Guide walks you through the necessary steps you need to take to reclaim the life that has eluded you as a result of the residue from your past. It features the six-stage Survivors To Alivers Healing Model Elizabeth designed using a combination of personal experience and professional expertise as a Licensed Social Worker.
Elizabeth share's her compelling journey of healing from sexual abuse and rape as well as stories from other trauma survivors.  You'll take one step at a time, working through 24 exercises throughout the book, gaining the insight you need to obtain the true happiness which has eluded you.  
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  What People Are Saying:
"It Gave Me All The Strength And Tools I Needed..."
"Once I began to read the book it became my pathway to healing. I quickly learned that now was as greater time as any to change the direction my trauma was taking my life. I learned very quickly that I was not alone and no longer needed to be ashamed of the effects trauma had on my life. It gave me all the strength and tools I needed to no longer allow trauma to define or defeat me. 
Cynthia, 42 - Columbus, OH
"...a spark of faith to believe that I could have healing"
"It showed me that I was not alone. There were others that were just like me, who had been thru what I had been thru, and had the same feelings and struggles as me.  Knowing someone else had walked the path I was on gave me hope. It showed me a light when where I was seemed very dark and very alone. It was a small spark of faith to believe that I could have healing.  I don't think I would have stepped out and returned to school without this book.  I now have healthy boundaries and relationships, and I live with joy and purpose."
Mike, 38 - Dayton, OH
"Initially I Thought, 'This Book Is Not For Me.."
"Initially I thought, 'This book is not for me.' To my surprise the book immediately lead me into deep thought and self assessment. I found the book to be brilliantly laid out and easy to follow. Elizabeth effectively breaks down the many levels of healing between simply surviving and being alive, living life full circle."
Lakesaia, 38 - Columbus, OH
Six-Stage Survivors To Alivers Healing Model
Elizabeth Joy MBA, MSW, LCDCIII has been empowering others to work through barriers to happiness for over 17 years.  Her unique combination of personal and professional experience and expertise enable her to deliver messages, products, and services which support women in growing both professionally and personally.  Known for her authentic, tough love approach, Elizabeth brings out the best in her clients first by helping them identify their potential then supporting them to actualize it.
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